Welcome to Email a Detainee

Email a Detainee enables you to send messages to detainees in the UK detention centres that operate our service from any computer, without any of the hassles of writing and posting a letter, and it costs less than a second class stamp!

What's more, your message is delivered to the detainee within seconds so that it can be delivered to the detainee by the centre staff in the next delivery.

It is free to sign up to Email a Detainee and only takes a few seconds - all you need is an email address (we can even help you if you don't have an email address just click on the contact page for details and get in touch).

Once a member you will be able to send a message to any detainee in the UK provided you know their detainee number from just 30 pence per message.

If you have any questions or problems the Email a Detainee team is here to help - just get in touch.

Please note - Detainees do not have access to email and we are NOT developing our service in that direction.

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